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Micro Professor MPF-1B

In my young days (I know, long time ago) at school the Z80 was one of the microprocessors we had training on, besides the (6802 and 6502). For that we made use of the Multitech “Micro-Professor MPF-1B”.

Acorn Atom

HiRes Scans Board 1 Acorn Atom board component side 01 HiRes Scans Board 2 Acorn Atom board component side 02

Euro Z80

Schematic Euro Z80 schematic_diagram_euro_Z80 Hi-Res scans of a stripped Eur0 Z80  

Building my own Z80 CP/M System (English)

Building a Z80 – CP/M machines One of the things on my bucket list still is buiding my own CP/M machine. Browsing trough the Internet looking for a re-usable (software) monitor to I came across (for me) 2 interesting options : 1. https://mkpeker.wixsite.com/efex 2. http://www.ndr-nkc.de/compo/index.htm So the first goal is to create some sort of… read more »