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  • Hi Bram

    My name is Torbjorn.
    I used your Junior PCB design 2.1 with the fixes and I can confirm that it works.

    Thank you very much!

    Initial problem I had with step function was just me forgetting to initialize the break and step vectors and a bent leg under the 6532. (silly me)

    I loaded the monitor into a 27c32 eprom with the 1k repeated 4 times. I had look at the other one with the eprom loaded with a single 1k.
    Please correct me, but to me it appears that this was created only for the lower address lines. Should it not be loaded in the upper address of the eprom. Or does that only apply when the whole adress range is enabled via the EX link

    I am currently using a breadboard for the 6 digit 7 segment display. I had a display pcb manufactured from designed by Philippe Roca but the 7 segment display are not very common. I may try to make the design myself. If so I let you know and send you a copy

    PS. I forgot how hot the old CPUs ran, my board takes close to 900 mA. I switched to a cmos version and it droppe to 690 mA. 6532 is still hot

    Thanks again

  • Hi Bram, ik doe een gooi naar het bouwen van een Junior Computer op basis van jouw 2.1 ontwerp. Heb je het PCB ontwerp (gerber) voor het display ook beschikbaar? Kan ik die in één keer meebestellen bij de PCB-bakker. Dank alvast!

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